Third International Workshop on

Knowledge Discovery and Cloud Computing Applications

Technical Program

        Tuesday, July 25th, 2017






Paper#7:  “Entity-based Opinion Mining of Spanish Tweets
José A. Reyes-Ortiz , Fabián Paniagua-Reyes and Maricela Claudia Bravo Contreras

Paper#2:”Election Vote Share Prediction Using a Sentiment-Based Fusion of Twitter Data with Google Trends and Online Polls”

Parnian Kassraie, Alireza Modirshanechi and Hamid Aghajan

Paper#4:”Protecting data in the cloud: an assessment of practical digital envelopes from attribute based encryption”

Víctor J. Sosa-Sosa, Miguel Morales Sandoval, Oscar Telles Hurtado and José Luis González Compeán

10:30 a 10:45

Coffee break


DATA Keynote Lecturer


Paper#5: “Ontological Model for Representing Information over Social Service in an Educational Institution”

Mireya Tovar Vidal, Juan Carlos Flores Molina  and José A. Reyes-Ortiz

Paper#3:”Assessment of Private Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Tools. A Comparison of Ceilometer and Monasca”

Mario A. Gomez-Rodriguez , Víctor J. Sosa-Sosa  and Jose L. Gonzalez-Compean

Paper#8:”Analysis of brain waves in violent images Are differences in gender?”

Silvia Beatriz González-Brambila, Juan Andrés Martínez Escobar  and Josue Figueroa-Gonzalez

Paper#9:”Determining a new home classification: A data mining approach”

Silvia Beatriz González-Brambila, Jose Castro-Lopez  and Fidel López-Saca


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